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Waiting for the return of the true Gods. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A community devoted to Lizardmen.

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2150 pt RTT list [Jan. 7th, 2006|05:11 pm]
A community devoted to Lizardmen.

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Saurus Oldblood/Carnasaur 496pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield; Blade of Revered Tzunki; Glyph Necklace
Blessed Spawnings of Itzl, Sotek, Quetzl

Skink Priest 115pts
Level 1; Hand Weapon; Dispel Scroll(x2)

Skink Chief 139pts
Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield; Scout; Sword of Might; Cloak of Feathers
Blessed Spawning of Sotek

3x Jungle Swarms 180Pts
10x Skink Skirmishers - Hand Weapon; Javelin & Shield; Scout 70pts
10x Skink Skirmishers - Hand Weapon; Javelin & Shield 60pts

3 Kroxigors 174pts
3 Kroxigors 174pts
3 Terradons 105pts
10 Saurus Cavalry - Hand Weapon; Shield; Spear; Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer 400pts

Stegadon 235pts

Total 2148pts

My record with this list is
Wins vs. Dwarves, Wood Elves
Loss vs. Lizardmen (Which I barely lost because of my own poor tactics, not the list. I should have eaten him alive)

The concept of this army is to hit the enemy very hard very fast. I have been testing armies of similar design and settled on this one because of the types of enemies I generally face. I face a lot of shooting armies and I get pounded by them. With this list they have two turns to kill me or they are dead.

I use the cav, carnasaur, kroxigors, and stegadon to hit their line in one strong punch through maneuver. If I'm facing a particularly tough unit (say Chosen warriors or Iron Breakers) I will double up, hitting the one unit with more than one of my own. I make sure to dust it. My Terradons and Flying Skink of Doom are there to 1. Draw fire during the first two rounds so my large targets can get into combat and 2. Hit lone mages or that key war machine or line of shooty troops so they can't shoot at the big boys.

The mage is there to cast second sign and to use dispel scrolls. If they have magic still in operation after turn 2 when I hit them, they are really lucky. Usually it is dead during turn two or at least not a threat. By the same token I don't take more magic because by turn 2 (3 at the absolute latest) I want most of my units in combat. It is hard to cast spells that are helpful when everyone is fighting. I pretty much bury my priest somewhere in my deployment zone out of sight. The enemy has to get past my army and really focus on killing that guy. He can then lead them on a merry chase or he dies and I only lose 115 points.

I want to play at least another few battles with this list before fine tuning it some more. I live near Seattle if anyone wants to play.
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My Army. [Jan. 7th, 2006|10:18 am]
A community devoted to Lizardmen.

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Holla! [Jan. 6th, 2006|03:18 pm]
A community devoted to Lizardmen.


I'm signed up and here. Right now I have about 6K points of lizards with my current tournament army being a fast moving Carnasaur led army of doom. I'll post the list a bit later.

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